The Oral History Association annual conference starts TODAY, Monday, October 19th! We at OHMAR are delighted to be the GOLDEN MICROPHONE SPONSOR of this event, which would have been held in the Mid-Atlantic Region, in Baltimore, MD. But, instead of gathering in person, as usual, speakers from across the country — and the world — will convene virtually, as is the new norm in the age of COVID-19. There are over 100 discussions and events planned for the almost week-long conference with a range of topics – including an OHMAR meet and greet in Second Life from 5-6pm on Friday evening! The last events will be held Saturday, October 24th around 5:00 pm. Check out all the conference info you need, including the full schedule, here. While the entire schedule looks thought-provoking and informative, here is a list of the discussions that I think those interested in oral history in the mid-Atlantic region specifically might be most interested in:

Monday, October 19:
N/A (no region specific content)

Tuesday, October 20:
Discussion 009: Profiles and Journeys of Identity, Recovery, and Belonging
015: Producing an Issue of the Southern Maryland-focused, Undergraduate-staffed Oral History Journal, Slack Water
016: Oral History and the Civil Rights Era: Community, Change and Experience in Maryland
022: Oral History Illuminates Complicated Stories of National and Ethnic Identity
024: Navigating Meaning(s): How Art Practice Can Inform Ethical Listening
026: Using Oral History to Increase Youth Perspectives in Cultural Spaces

Wednesday, October 21:
030: Mobilizing Oral History: Exhibiting and Conducting Oral Histories on the Streets
031: Understanding the Evolving Roles of Women at the Smithsonian: Race, Gender, and Excellence
032: Harrowing and Healing Memories and the Oral History Process
033: The Intersections of University Oral History and Title IX
044: Transnational Arab Oral Histories: Complicating the Discourse of Democracy
045: Intersections of Memory and Social History: The Influence of Democracy, Policy, and Systems on the World
046: Redefining Representative Democracy on Capitol Hill: Oral Histories of Women in Congress
049: Education in High School and University Involves Listening: Creating Diverse Curriculum Content in Dissertations
053: The Human Rights Campaign (HRC): Reflections on Forty Years of Progressive Political Action

Thursday, October 22:
064: The Oral Histories of the International Phenomenon of Freedom Colonies.
069: Silenced No More: DC Communities Amplify Their Stories with the DC Oral History Collaborative (*The chair for this event will be the vice president of OHMAR Anna F. Kaplan*)
073: “Hitched to Everything”: Aaron Mair, Environmental Justice, and the Sierra Club
076: Trauma-Informed and Healing-Oriented Oral History

Friday, October 23:
082: Home, Church, and Work: A Century of Change in Black Cultural Spaces
087: Keep Calm and Process On: How Collection Managers Can Move from Assessment to Accessibility
089: A Celebration of the Work of Linda Shopes
100: OHMAR meet and greet in Second Life from 5-6pm

Saturday, October 24:
105: Is Oral History White? Investigating Race in Three Baltimore Oral History Projects
106: Collecting, Archiving and Sharing LGBTQ+ Histories in Rural and Semi-Rural Communities
109: Experiments in Embodied Listening: Part 1
110: Politics, Gender, and Democracy
122: Experiments in Embodied Listening – Part 2

Enjoy the event!

Michael Barnes
OHMAR Fall 2020 Intern