Oral History Training Institute at the Chemical Heritage Foundation

Chemical Heritage Foundation
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 9-13, 2017

The Center for Oral History (COH) is proud to provide training to individuals interested in learning oral history and research interview methodologies, both for historical research generally and work in the history of science, engineering, technology, and medicine specifically. Hosted biannually in the winter and sum-mer, the director and staff of the COH work with scholars and researchers who are planning or have started research that has interviewing as a core component.

A series of workshops will introduce participants to the methodologies regularly used when interviewing individuals in the STEM fields. The workshop will focus through a STEM lens, however, individuals from all fields of interest are welcome.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own research ideas and topics.
Attendance at the workshop is free; registration is required.

For more information: www.chemheritage.org/OHTraining
Or contact:
Samantha Blatt, Program Assistant
215-873-8242 sblatt@chemheritage.org