Is your organization considering starting an oral history project, or reviving an existing program? Would you like to increase the profile and accessibility of your oral history collection? Are you interested in involving oral history in related projects, such as genealogical or local history research, or in interviewing particular populations – for instance, veterans?

In addition to workshops held in conjunction with its annual spring conference, OHMAR is pleased to offer by-request workshops led by trained oral historians to groups located within the mid-Atlantic region. Subject matter can be tailored to each individual group’s needs and goals. Topics of conversation might include: planning oral history projects, defining goals and objectives for those projects, research recommendations, legal and ethical considerations, as well as an overview of oral history techniques and technology.

Organizations who request workshops agree to provide the venue and at least 10 participants. Typically workshops can accommodate up to 60 participants. Please contact OHMAR for information about fees and other details.