Pogue Award

Since 1979, OHMAR has recognized and promoted high standards in the field of oral history through the Pogue Award, an annual award for outstanding and continuing contributions to oral history. The award honors Forrest C. Pogue. Pogue pioneered the use of oral history in combat during World War II and also served as an early president of the Oral History Association.

Roy Rosenzweig

YEAR: 2004

AFFILIATION(S): George Mason University

Interview of Roy Rosenzweig OHMAR Pogue Award Winner, 2004 Pamela M. Henson, Interviewer Director, Institutional History Division Smithsonian Institution Archives At his office in Pohick Module The George Mason University 22 January 2004 For the OHMAR Archives The George Washington University

Pete Daniel

YEAR: 2003

AFFILIATION(S): Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History

Pete Daniel Pogue Award Interview